Ten-month-old Woodward pups missing since Thursday

Ten-month-old puppies Miku and Kanani were last seen Thursday afternoon at the home in Woodward.

Two 10-month-old puppies ran away from their home in Woodward Thursday afternoon, and the owner seeks their return.

Yesterday around 2pm or so 2 of my dogs got out. Their names are Miku (Me-koo), who is caramel brown and white, and Kanani (Kuh-non-ee), who is dark brown, white and black.

“We aren’t sure how they are around people,” the owner said. “They usually come back but they ran towards the country, towards Granger.”

Miku and Kanani were last seen about 2 p.m. Thursday on Cedar Avenue in Woodward.

If you see Miku and Kanani or have information about their whereabouts, contact the owner on Facebook Messenger or by email at jollivant@gmail.com.


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