The first day of school: So many new things to discover

Students leave the front of the Perry Elementary School after the first day of classes last year. Co-Principal Ned Menke reported the PBIS program was greatly reducing discipline problems at the school.

Students came pouring out of the Perry Elementary School at 2:30 p.m. today, with most as excited about the end of the day as they were eager to tell their parents and guardians all about their new teacher, new friends, who they sat by and more.

Assistant Principal Ned Menke noted the kindergarten would have their first day Thursday, with Tuesday the start date for preschool classes. Their absence left more than 600 students eager to tell their tales, with more than 60 instructional staff glad to have the first day behind them.

With the new configuration of the parking areas at PES, students who use buses for transport — nearly half of the attendees — are dropped off, and picked up, behind the school. The west side is reserved for those students receiving some other form of transport as well as those walking, or riding a bike, to their destination.

The fifth grade is currently the largest grade in the school with approximately 135 students, while the Class of 2028 — the first grade — the smallest, with roughly 110 students.

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