Throwback Prom at Woodward-Granger hits all the right notes

A 1950s diner was the decor style chosen for Saturday's Throwback Prom at Woodward-Granger High School.

WOODWARD — Saturday’s Throwback Prom at Woodward-Granger drew a respectable crowd, who were treated to a meal, good company and music from the 1950s through the 1980s.

The Senior Project of W-G students Malorie Hudspeth and Brenna Demmerly, the event took on added significance after the girls decided to donate any proceeds from a free will offering to the family of Drew Jacobson, 16, the W-G junior who passed away Dec. 7.

Drew’s father, Russ, and stepmother Nikki stopped by the event, with the former thanking those who attended for their generosity and expressing his gratitude and pride in the way the W-G student body had handled the difficult week.

Saturday's event was the Senior Project for W-G students Malorie Hudspeth (left) and Brenna Demmerly (right).
Saturday’s Throwback Prom was the Senior Project for W-G students Malorie Hudspeth (middle, left) and Brenna Demmerly (middle, right). The girls donated the proceeds from a free will offering to the Jacobson family.

Record albums and their covers decorated both the cafeteria and the hallway between the lunch room and the commons, where the dance was held. The commons area itself was adorned with additional 1950s decor, with music ranging from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash creating a lively atmosphere.

Hudspeth noted the crowd was larger than they had originally anticipated and that it might have been even larger, save that many businesses and clubs were having already-scheduled Christmas parties at the same time, drawing away many prospective attendees.

Demmerly noted the pair had received a heavy volume of emails from people wishing they could attend and offering words of encouragement and support for the project.

The pair proudly noted that they had far surpassed their original hopes regarding the money raised for the Jacobson family and noted that additional donations were still coming in to the W-G school office.


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