Thursday brings 34 new COVID-19 cases in Iowa


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) was notified Thursday of 34 additional positive cases of Iowans with COVID-19, for a total of 179 positive cases. There have been a total of 2,975 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs.

According to IDPH, the locations and age ranges of the 34 individuals include:

Appanoose County, 1 elderly adult (81+)
Black Hawk County, 1 middle-age adult (18-40 years)
Cedar County, 1 middle-age (18-40 years), 1 older (61-80 years), 1 elderly (81+)
Clayton County, 1 adult (18-40 years)
Des Moines County, 1 adult (18-40 years)
Jasper County, 1 elderly (81+)
Johnson County, 1 adult (18-40 years), 4 middle-aged adults (41-60 years), 1 older (61-80 years)
Linn County, 1 adult (18-40 years), 3 middle-aged adults (41-60 years), 1 older adult (61-80 years)
Mahaska County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)
Monona County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)
Page County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)
Polk County, 1 adult (18-40 years), 2 middle-aged (41-60 years), 1 older (61-80 years)
Pottawattamie County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)
Scott County, 1 elderly, 3 middle-aged (41-60 years)
Sioux County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)
Washington County, 2 older adults (61-80 years)

A status report of monitoring and testing of COVID19 in Iowa is provided on the IDPH website. In addition, a public hotline has been established for Iowans with questions about COVID-19. The line is available 24/7 by calling 2-1-1 or 1-800-244-7431.

The state of Iowa has started sharing the number of negative tests conducted at other labs and will soon provide additional information regarding hospitalization and recovery. Gov. Kim Reynolds will hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.


    • As long as they are doing contact tracing with the cases to establish there is no community spreading involved with them, there is not a need to do that. In fact, Cuomo stated yesterday he believes his total restriction was too hasty, and in hindsight it did not need to have been done. He (and our governor) does have the best data, not us.


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