Tin Pig Tavern nears completion in historic Gamble Building

The Tin Pig Tavern is coming soon, according to the banner hung during the Bacoon Ride Saturday.

After more than a year of painstaking restoration and rehabilitation, the Tin Pig Tavern will soon open in the old Gamble Block at 1203 Second St.

Adam Sheffer of Indianola and Zach Thomas of Perry have spared no expense in bringing the 120-year-old downtown landmark back to its former condition of glory.

The Gamble Block, erected in 1899 and now on the National Register of Historic Buildings, housed the Mandarin Cafe and Stitches in Time antiques until recent years, with 15 one-bedroom apartments and two large offices on the second and third floors standing long vacant.

A banner hung on Saturday told Bacoon Riders the Tin Pig Tavern would soon open at Second and Warford streets, multiplying the options for dining in Perry and breathing life into the reviving downtown commercial district.


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