Two new businesses soon to face one another across Willis Avenue

Trang Jorgensen, left, of Ankeny, and her brother, Anhky "Bii" Nguyen, 10, of West Des Moines, are working to restore and reopen the site of the former Kickstand bar at 1211 Willis Ave.

Demolition has begun on the building at 1211 Willis Ave., the site of the former Kickstand bar, under the direction of its new owner, Cathy Nguyen of West Des Moines, who plans to open a bar and restaurant in the western half of the building.

A business is also planned for the eastern half, but exactly what kind of business it will be is a secret for now, according to Nguyen’s daughter, Trang Jorgensen of Ankeny.

“It might take us six months just to get this place in shape,” Jorgensen said. “We’re at the deconstruction stage, and construction is still to come.” She smiled and said the name of the new bar is also a secret.

The effort is one of the whole family, with Nguyen’s husband, Long Pham, and Jorgensen’s husband, Trent Jorgensen, all lending their time and talents to the family’s first venture into the world of a small business.

Even 10-year-old Anhky Pham — known in the family as Bii — is lending a hand in the deconstruction stage. He was helping his father patch the leaky roof at dusk Sunday night.

The Jorgensens live in Ankeny, but Trent, an Audubon native, is currently assigned to the Iowa National Guard’s 1168 Transportation Company here in Perry. Trang in also in the service and will soon leave for two months of officer training in South Dakota.

Bii, a Des Moines Buccaneers fan, lives with his parents in West Des Moines, where he attends Fairmeadows Elementary School. He says he is looking forward to moving to Perry and attending school here.

Nani Pattison, left, and her father, Jeff Pattison, are soon to open Tattoo Loo's at 1214 Willis Ave. in downtown Perry.
Nani Pattison, left, and her father, Jeff Pattison, are soon to open Little Loo’s Tattoos at 1214 Willis Ave. in downtown Perry.

Just across the street, at 1214 Willis Ave., Little Loo’s Tattoos is preparing for a grand opening, according to owners Jeff and Nani Pattison of Perry. Jeff Pattison said he is returning to the body-art business after a brief hiatus.

“I’ve been in the tattoo business for 25 years,” Pattison said.

What the former tattoo parlor on the south side of Willis Avenue will become remains a secret for now, but tat fans will soon have a new source on the north side of Willis at Little Loo’s and in the longer term can expect a new Perry eatery in the bar with the secret name.

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