Tyson Foods uses technology to find cheaper drugs for workers


SPRINGDALE, Ark. — Tyson Foods Inc. announced a partnership Monday with Rx Savings Solutions that aims to provide a free, confidential online tool that gives employees and their covered dependents ways to pay less for the medications covered through the company’s health plan.

According to a company statement issued Monday, the prescription drug savings software examines the medications a worker and finds lower-cost options to treat the same conditions. The savings can be generic, less expensive forms of a name-brand drug or various options based on prescriptions taken.

The personalized recommendations are proactively communicated via email, text message, app notification, phone or direct mail to all employees who opt into the program. There is also an online search-for-medication tool available to help find savings suggestions for any drug a doctor prescribes.

Interpreter and translation assistance will be available when Tyson Foods rolls out the prescription drugs savings solution to its 120,000 U.S. workers later this month, the company said.

“This initiative is part of our work to promote a culture of wellbeing and, ultimately, build a healthier workforce,” said Johanna Söderström, executive vice president and chief human resources officer for Tyson Foods. “It’s designed to help our people better understand the prescription drug options available to them and ways they can save money.”

Tyson Foods recently announced the appointment of Dr. Claudia Coplein to the newly created role of chief medical officer. In addition, the company has an occupational health staff of almost 600 nurses and plans to pilot the opening of seven health clinics this year to give employees and their covered dependents easier access to high-quality health care and, in most cases, at no cost.


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