Unmet in Earlham, Doug and Dan meet in Minburn

No cars were our first clue that feeding would not be found at our first stop, the Worthington Community Church near Earlham.

It started out to be a double header event. First the ice cream social at the Worthington Community Church, formerly the United Methodist Church, outside of Earlham and then the Minburn Area Fire Fighters Association or MAFFA.

I drove, and Dan and I headed out to the Worthington Community Church east of Earlham. It takes about 50 minutes to get there. When we got there, no cars were to be seen. Dan claimed that he saw that this event was scheduled for Aug. 5.

I reminded him that today was Aug. 4.

We headed right to an Earlham convenience store to see what the posting would say. Dan came back and said that their event was to be held Aug 12. So we headed back home.

We had to come back to Perry because Dan wanted to drive to Minburn himself so he could get home in time to watch some PBS mystery show at 9 p.m. that old people like him enjoy viewing. I also had to get my camera equipment because I wanted to record the concert which was being held in conjunction with the meal.

The concert was by Brick Imerman, who was a one-man show playing standards from the ’60s to the ’80s. He was good and played for two hours without stopping.

I got to the event just at 7 p.m. I should have taken my camera with me to save time and let Dan hitch hike back to Perry. I got set up just as Imerman was playing his first song and got the rest of the concert. The meal was served until 7:30 p.m.

Dan arrived and we both went through the line. It was pork loin with beans, dessert and drinks. It was very good. They had extra, and Dan got his fill.

Such as always occurs, there are a lot of people to visit with. We had to find out about the upcoming Minburn UMC ice cream social, which will be held this Saturday, Aug. 18 at our new parish member church.

The MAFFA servers said the funds raised was for equipment improvements.

The weather was very good, and the concert got over around 9 p.m. I left while all of the rest of the people in the park stayed, talking like they had not seen one another for 50 years.

Other ice cream socials have followed, with Minburn and Panther Creek to hold their events this weekend. Keep watch for reports on these events.


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