UPDATE: Second bomb threat found in girls’ room at PMS


A second bomb threat was discovered Monday in a girls’ bathroom at the Perry Middle School similar to the threat found last week in a boys’ bathroom, according to a joint statement issued Monday night by Perry Police Department Chief Eric Vaughn and Perry Community School District Superintendent Clark Wicks.

Vaughn and Wicks said members of the school administration and the Perry Police Department are investigating the matter in order to identify possible suspects. No credible information has been discovered at this time, according to the joint statement.

No charges have been filed, and the investigation is ongoing. It is believed there is no imminent threat to the safety of the students at the Perry Middle School or other school facilities.

If you or your students have any additional information regarding this incident, call the Perry Police Department at 515-465-4636 or the Perry Crime Stoppers at 515-465-5661. If you have questions concerning this incident, contact Chief Eric Vaughn at 515-465-4636 or Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks at 515-465-4656.


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