UPDATE: Xenia tri-county boil order apt to last to Wednesday

The Xenia Rural Water District boil advisory was lifted Wednesday about noon, a company spokesperson said.

Xenia Rural Water customers in northern Dallas County, southeastern Greene County and southwestern Boone County and all customers in the communities of Rippey and Beaver will continue under the present boil advisory at least until midday Wednesday, a Xenia spokesperson said Monday.

Xenia Distribution Manager Kevin Lyons said an 8-inch main broke about two miles from Beaver and has been repaired.

The boil advisory is a precaution mandated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to protect the public against any bacteria that may have entered the system while the main was broken, Lyons said.

He said the first of two sets of water samples have been sent to the DNR lab, and another set will be drawn Tuesday afternoon.

“If all goes well, the advisory will be lifted sometime Wednesday,” Lyons said.

The advisory applies to 550 addresses, Lyons said, but he could not provide a total number of people. He said all Xenia customers in the affected region are advised to boil all water prior to drinking.

Customers should first bring the water to a boil. They should let it boil for one minute and let it cool before using. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms that can contaminate water supplies during a main break.

Customers may also use bottled water until the boil advisory is lifted, Xenia said.

The company said boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth and preparing food until further notice.

The water may be used for bathing and other similar purposes without boiling it first.

After the water service is restored, the Xenia Rural Water District will test the water to ensure it is safe for consumption.

The company said it will issue a notice to the affected customers once the boil advisory has been lifted.


The Xenia boil order affects the company’s customers living north and northwest of Perry.


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