VIDEO: Firefighters battle trailer blaze Monday evening

The Perry Volunteer Fire Department responded to Bar-Jac Estates, Lot 24, to battle a conflagration that destroyed the trailer home.

The Perry Volunteer Fire Department was summoned to Bar-Jac Estates, 2517 First Ave., at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday to battle a blaze that consumed the trailer home at Lot 24.

It is not believed that anyone was injured in the conflagration, which completely destroyed the trailer and its contents. The cause is under investigation.

“The old trailers were metal, and they were just like an oven,” PVFD Chief Chris Hinds said. “A fire burns from one end to the other very quickly, but the metal sides kept the heat inside, like an oven.

“These newer ones, with more plastic, they burn just as fast on the inside but the sides can give out and the fire is not as easily contained,” he added. “A trailer fire is extremely dangerous. You should get out immediately if you are in one and it catches on fire. It takes no time for a trailer to be completely engulfed.”

Firefighters worked to ensure the blaze would not spread to neighboring trailers and appeared to have saved a nearby parked car from receiving excessive damage during from flames or smoke. The PVFD pumper truck can send 1,750 gallons per minute through the hoses, and firefighters needed every drop to combat the fire, whose residual heat was easily detectable from 50 yards away.

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