VIDEO: Turning red and blue back to white

Aimee Bane of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department operates the 75-foot ladder Thursday to help change the holiday lights on the outside of city hall.

Members of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department spent part of Thursday evening changing light bulbs.

More precisely, PVFD Fire Chief Chris Hinds observed as the husband and wife team of Jason and Aimee Bane — both firefighters with the PVFD — worked to switch out the decorative bulb on the exterior of city hall on the northeast corner and First Street and Willis Avenue. The trio used the city’s ladder truck to accomplish the task.

Hinds said Aimee Bane “is an excellent operator” of the 75-foot ladder.

“You have to have a light touch,” he said. “Any little movement you make on this (the near) end is greatly increased on the far end — it is like ‘cracking the whip’ and you have to be real careful.”

Jason rode the end of the ladder, changing out the Independence Day-themed red and blue bulbs for the traditional white lights. The department will return to the exterior of city hall shortly before Thanksgiving to exchange the white bulbs for the red and green of the Christmas season.

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