Wall of Witnesses nominations due May 8

Nominations are due Tuesday, May 8 for a new subject for the Soumas Court Wall of Witnesses.

The Perry Historic Preservation Commission and Hometown Heritage called Friday for nominations for the 2018 Wall of Witnesses.

Nomination forms can be picked up at the offices of the Perry-Area Chamber of Commerce, Carnegie Library Museum, McCreary Community Building and Perry City Hall. The deadline for new nominations is May 8.

Since resuming additions to the Soumas Court collection of notable figures from Perry history, the partnership of the Perry Historic Preservation Commission and Hometown Heritage have honored Mike Kanealy in 2016, Charles Joy in 2016 and Jim Walstrom in 2017.

New nominees for 2018 will be considered together with nominees from previous years, and the 2018 unveiling ceremony is planned for September. For more information, call 515-465-4160.


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