Wall of Witnesses nominees sought

Nominations are due Tuesday, May 8 for a new subject for the Soumas Court Wall of Witnesses.

A new face for the Soumas Court Wall of Witnesses is on the way.

Nominations are now being accepted by the Perry Historic Preservation Commission and Hometown Heritage for an addition to the line of bas-relief busts lining the southwest wall of Soumas Court in downtown Perry.

“The Wall of Witnesses located at Soumas Court recognizes those who have gone before us and stand as witnesses to our care of the community and those who set the course both in the present and in the future,” said Susie Moorhead, financial officer for the city of Perry and spokesperson for the groups.

Applications for the nomination are available here or at the McCreary Community Building, the Perry Public Library, Perry City Hall or from one of the Perry Historic Preservation Commission Members: John Palmer, Ronda Onken, Judy Marckres, Jeanette Peddicord, Eugene Peel, Gary Martin and Jim Von Behren.

The application should be returned to Perry Historic Preservation Commission, P.O. Box 545, Perry, IA 50220 and must be received by Aug. 31, 2015.

For more information, call Gary Martin at 515-465-2368 or Jeanette Peddicord at 515-465-3337.


  1. Some of the busts appear to be nearly covered in ivy. My mother, Hazel Purviance, bust is on the wall and it appears it might be one that the ivy is partially concealing?


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