Waukee ice cream fun turns into OWI, child endangerment charges

John Charles Olsasky, 64, of Waukee was arrested Sunday on charges of first-offense OWI and child endangerment.

A Waukee man took an 8-year-old neighbor boy to the store for ice cream Sunday and ended up in handcuffs.

John Charles Olsasky, 64, of 170 Evergreen Dr., #B, Waukee, was charged with first-offense OWI and child endangerment.

The incident began about 9:15 p.m. Sunday, when the child’s mother reported the child missing.

Officers of the Waukee Police Department responded to the missing-child report and were speaking with the child’s mother when Olasasky and the child returned home in his 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix with their ice cream.

According to court records, the officers made contact with Olasakly and allegedly “noticed his bloodshot, watery eyes and slow speech. When asked if he had been drinking, he replied, ‘Yes,’ and officers conducted Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.”

Failing the tests and returning a preliminary breath alcohol test in excess of the legal limit, Olasasky was arrested for first-offense OWI and child endangerment.

Olsasky was held in the Dallas County Jail before posting a $2,000 cash or surety bond. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing April 30 in Dallas County District Court.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


  1. That was really stupid to do. It’s not like Ramo Nizzi has rejoined us from Heaven to reopen. That ice cream would have been worth it . . . . almost.

  2. If you would speak to Jerry and Jim Nizzi, Ramo’s sons who ran it, it was called the Wop Shop. They wanted it on the sign, but Ramo refused. They did answer the phone with that quite a bit. The family called their ice cream shop The Wop Shop as a matter of course. The secret behind their ice cream was that Ramo bought the premium mix over the usual stuff like everyone else did. Jim Nizzi lives in Waukee and cooks for the school district. Get a hold of him for stories about Waukee’s favorite mayors. Remember, this is back in the day where Italians were from the mining camp and it was “unusual” for a small town in Iowa to be led by Italians during that time (Can you believe such craziness today?) Ramo used to be Waukee’s long-term mayor whose biggest scandal was he refused to cut off the city’s water to people who never paid their water bills (Waukee got a city manager over that). Ramo got in trouble because he refused to cut off water to probably 25% of Waukee residents who looked upon their water bills as suggestions, not actual bills. Do a story on him. Then look into Tillie and “Fatjaws” Jack Jackson; those were some great Waukee characters as well.


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