Webster regales ADM journalism students with industry tales

Veteran Iowa high school sports reporter Jeff Webster spoke last week to students in an ADM journalism class.

Monday, May 9, Communications welcomed a special guest, The Perry News’ journalist Jeff Webster. Webster explained to the budding journalists some secrets and tips of the trade.

Webster attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated almost three decades ago with a degree in Journalism. He has had several journalism jobs since then, working mostly with covering high school sports. Currently, he writes for the online news site, ThePerryNews.com.

Webster spoke of ThePerryNews.com website and referenced the growing technological advances of journalism in our day and age.

“Five years ago, nobody had a website,” said Webster. Knowing that the business is entirely digital and he has worked in the past with completely print news associations, he considers himself an expert with both sides of the spectrum.

Despite all of his experience and years as a journalist, he did not always see himself living the life he does now. He enrolled at ELU with intent of becoming a history teacher. His decision changed when the university informed him he had enough English credits to graduate years sooner with a degree in journalism. He thought, “Why not?”

Something Webster has always been sure of, however, is that he wanted to be around teens.

“Most of what I do involves high school students. That’s how I always want it to be,” said Webster. High school teaching was not in the cards for Webster, but being a sports journalist gives him plenty of time around high school students at games and other sporting events.

Whether the students plan to become journalists in the future, our Communications class was left with a much better understanding of what it is truly like to be in the business.


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