West Des Moines man allegedly harasses Walmart coworker

Haythem Goda Bashr Goda, 35, of West Des Moines was arrested Friday on a charge of third-degree harassment.

A West Des Moines man was arrested Friday after allegedly persisting in harassing a former coworker with unwanted attentions.

Haythem Goda Bashr Goda, 35, of 6017 Vista Dr., West Des Moines, was charged with third-degree harassment.

According to court records, “Since Feb. 1, 2021, Goda has continued to harass the victim, his former boss,” and “has sent her numerous text messages, made numerous phone calls to her, including calls from restricted numbers, and has shown up at her church in an attempt to have personal contact with the victim on March 14, 2021.”

Even after Goda was advised to stop the behavior, he refused and was subsequently fired March 22 from his job at a West Des Moines retail store, according to court records.

Still he persisted and allegedly “attempted to bring the victim unknown items he calls ‘gifts’ on multiple occasions” and tried to contact the victim “through various social media,” according to court records.

“The victim is fearful of Goda and his actions,” according to court records, and she “has already taken a week off work, and her employer has hired off-duty police officers through
April 5 to be present at her work place.”

According to court records, officers of the West Des Moines Police Department told Goda March 22 to stop the harassment and have “no further communication with the victim by any means,” but he allegedly made three phone calls and sent five text messages even “after being told to cease all contact.”

Officers of the West Des Moines Police Department told Goda again March 24 to “to stop the harassing behavior and harassing communications,” but “Goda responded with ‘hahahahahahaha,’ ‘Come catch me’ and ‘You are very Funny.'”

From this the officers concluded that Goda “is indicating to police that he does not intend to stop contacting and harassing the victim,” and a warrant for Goda’s arrest was ordered March 25 in Dallas County District Court and served March 26.

Goda is held in the Dallas County Jail on a $1,000 cash-only bond. He is scheduled for a pretrial conference April 16 in Dallas County District Court.

Goda is subject to a protective order issued Oct. 22, 2020, involving another victim.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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