Wildrose Casino in Jefferson to hold job fair April 9, 10

The $40 Wild Rose Jefferson casino and resort opened in 2015.

Wild Rose Jefferson, Greene County’s soon-to-open casino, will hold a job fair at its temporary offices at 300 Microsoy Dr. in Jefferson on Tuesday, April 9, from 1-8 p.m. and Friday, April 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Nancy Webb
Nancy Webb

The job fair will be led by Mike Couch, Wild Rose Jefferson general manager, and Nancy Webb, the newly hired human resources manager for Wild Rose Jefferson. Interested applicants are urged to attend.

In addition to providing information on about 250 job openings for 70 positions, the job fair will tell prospective employees about the company’s compensation and benefits programs and training opportunities.

On-site computer stations will allow prospective applicants to apply online during the job fair. Applicants can also apply online at WildRoseResorts.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions.

Wild Rose Jefferson logo

Wild Rose Jefferson is hiring for the following positions:

  1. Administration
  2. Office Admin
  3. Casino
  4. Casino Manager
  5. Slot Attendant
  6. Slot Supervisor
  7. Assistant Table Games Shift Manager
  8. Table Games Dealers
  9. Table Games -Supervisors
  10. Table Games -Trainer
  11. Table Games Shift Managers
  12. Lead Slot Tech
  13. Slot Technicians
  14. Facilities
  15. Maintenance Supervisor
  16. Electrician
  17. Maintenance staff
  18. Housekeeping Supervisor
  19. Housekeeping staff
  20. Finance
  21. Revenue Auditors
  22. Controller
  23. Count Team Clerk s
  24. Count Team Supervisor
  25. Guest Service Representatives
  26. Guest Service Supervisor
  27. Payroll coordinator
  28. Receiving Clerks
  29. Senior Revenue Auditor
  30. Staff Accountant
  31. Food and Beverage
  32. Catering Sales
  33. Banquet Servers
  34. Banquets Bartenders
  35. Banquet Lead
  36. Cooks
  37. Food & Beverage Servers
  38. Food & Beverage Manager
  39. Food & Beverage Supervisor Coaches Corner
  40. Food and Beverage Supervisor-Kitchen
  41. Kitchen Utilities
  42. Lead Cook
  43. Lead Kitchen Utilities
  44. Human Resources
  45. HR Coordinator
  46. HR Specialist-Benefits
  47. HR Specialist-Recruiter
  48. IT
  49. IT Manager
  50. IT Technicians
  51. Marketing/Iowa Store
  52. Marketing Manager
  53. Marketing Coordinator
  54. Iowa Store Sales Associates
  55. Iowa Store Supervisor
  56. Graphic Designer
  57. Marketing Announcer
  58. Player Development
  59. Executive Casino Host
  60. Casino Hosts
  61. Security
  62. Public Safety Officers (PSO)
  63. PSO Shift Supervisors
  64. Security Manager
  65. Valet Attendants
  66. Surveillance
  67. Surveillance Manager
  68. Surveillance Operators
  69. Surveillance Supervisor
  70. Surveillance Technician


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