With longtime owner ailing, Oscar seeks new home

No longer heartbroken and homeless, Oscar, 14, has found a humane caregiver.

Heartbroken, homeless, Oscar, 14, seeks humane caregiver.

Oscar, a 14-year-old dachshund of very mild temper, has been a faithful companion to his human partner since his earliest days, but his longtime roommate has lately fallen ill and can no longer provide for Oscar.

In sorrow yet with hope, Oscar turned his soulful brown eyes to ThePerryNews.com for assistance in finding a new home in which to enjoy his golden years. At 98 dog years old, Oscar’s bark now far exceeds his bite, and he very rarely barks.

If you or someone you know has room at home for a calm and companionable wiener dog, call 515-321-9320 for more information.


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