Woman in Adel disturbance arrested in De Soto theft Saturday

Gloria Jean Smith, 59, of Knoxville and more recently of Adel was arrested Saturday on charges of third-degree theft and possession of a controlled substance-marijuana.

A Knoxville woman was arrested early Saturday in Adel in connection with a theft earlier in the evening at a De Soto tavern.

Gloria Jean Smith, 59, of 425 E. Douglas St., Knoxville, was charged with third-degree theft and possession of a controlled substance-marijuana.

A criminal complaint filed by Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Austin Meyers provided a clear narrative account of the complicated circumstances leading to the arrest of Smith:

“At approximately 0115 hours on 01/11/2020, I was assisting Adel Police Department with a disturbance at 1508 Greene Street #1, when I was asked to call in to dispatch. Upon calling dispatch, I was informed of a theft occurring at Ambro’s Roadhouse in DeSoto, Iowa. The dispatcher informed me the victim of the theft, Roxanna Joe Schrader (11/09/1973), advised the person that took her items was ‘Gloria’ (unknown last name). Schrader believed Gloria to be staying at an unknown address in Adel.

“While handling the Adel call, the female party to the disturbance was identified as Gloria Jean Smith (12/13/1960).

“I left Deputy Marchant and Adel Officer Wright at the scene of the disturbance and responded to Ambro’s. Upon arrival, I met with Schrader and the bartender. Through talking with Schrader and the bartender, Mandy Broeker (2/16/88), I was informed the subject that took Schrader’s missing items was wearing a yellow hoodie and a large puffy coat (dark in color). The yellow hoodie description was consistent with the hoodie I observed Smith to be wearing during the Adel disturbance incident.

“When asked, Broeker was able to provide security camera footage of the incident. On the camera footage, at approximately 2330 hours, Smith can be seen speaking with Broeker at bar. While speaking with Broeker, Smith was putting items from the bar in to her pockets. Broeker asked Smith if the items were hers, to which, Smith responded they were.

“Reported stolen was a green money clip (containing multiple credit cards, receipts, Schrader’s Iowa Driver’s License, and $170 cash). The estimated value of the money clip was $20. In addition to the money clip, Schrader reported her cell phone (Samsung Note 8 valued at $500) and the key fob to her Ford pickup truck (Valued at $300) as stolen. Schrader advised the key fob was on the same key ring as a black plastic clip similar to the clip found at the end of a dog leash.

“Schrader reported a total loss of $990 for this incident.

“I exited the bar and notified Deputy Marchant that I would be calling Schrader’s cell phone and asked that he listen for it ringing while inside the apartment. When I called Schrader’s phone, Marchant located the ringing phone in the couch of the apartment. During further conversation with Smith, she dumped her purse on the floor of the residence in front of Deputy Marchant. Among other unrelated items falling from the purse, a clear cellophane
baggie, containing a green leafy substance consistent in sight and odor to marijuana, fell to the floor.

“During further investigation by Deputy Marchant and Officer Wright, they located the missing key fob and money clip inside Smith’s dark color coat pocket. The key fob found had a black plastic clip attached to it and the money clip contained the Driver’s license of Roxanna Schrader. There was only $45 of the reported $170 stolen, recovered in the money clip. On the same key ring as the recovered key fob was a black plastic clip. The coat where the property was recovered was consistent with the coat Smith was viewed wearing on the security video.

“Smith was placed under arrest and transported to Dallas County Jail, where custody of her was transferred to jail staff for booking. After Smith was left in the custody of the Jail, the green substance was weighed and found to be 2 grams (TPW).”

Smith is held in the Dallas County Jail in advance of an initial appearance in the Dallas County District Court.

Smith was previously convicted in Marion County District Court of fifth-degree theft in 2006 and 2007, of fourth-degree theft in 2016, of fifth-degree theft and forgery in 2017 and of third-degree theft in 2018. She was convicted of fifth-degree theft in 2007 in Polk County District Court.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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