Woodbine man allegedly runs down enemy with truck

Kristofer Allan Erlbacher, 28, of Woodbine was charged with first-degree murder Friday in connection with a hit-and-run collision Thursday night in Pisgah.

PISGAH, Iowa — A Woodbine man has been charged with murder in an incident first reported Thursday night as a hit-and-run collision outside Dave’s Old Home Cafe in Pisgah.

Kristofer Allan Erlbacher, 28,of Woodbine, Iowa, was charged Friday with first-degree murder.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s office responded to the 911 call about 10 p.m. Thursday and found Caleb Solberg, 30, of Moorhead, Iowa, deceased at the scene.

Several witnesses provided details of the situation and identified all the parties involved, according to a statement released Saturday by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), which is assisting the Harrison County Sheriff’s office in the investigation.

The following narrative was part of a criminal complaint filed Friday morning with the Harrison County Clerk of Court by the DCI:

“On Dec. 17, 2020, Kristofer Erlbacher and Caleb Solberg were involved in a physical altercation. This altercation took place in Moorhead, Iowa (Monona County). Afterward, Kristofer Erlbacher, accompanied by a friend, Shaun Johnson, traveled to Dave’s Old Home Cafe located in Pisgah, Iowa (Harrison County).

“During this time Kristofer Erlbacher contacted Craig Pryor by phone. Craig Pryor is a half-brother to Caleb Solberg. It was during this conversation that Kristofer Erlbacher informed Craig Pryor about the physical altercation.

“A second call was made to Craig Pryor shortly after the first again from Kristofer Erlbacher. It was during this call when Kristofer Erlbacher threatened the life of Caleb Solberg and Craig Pryor.

Eventually, Craig Pryor did drive to Pisgah. Once there, Craig Pryor parked near Dave’s Old Home Cafe. Shaun Johnson met with Craig Pryor immediately. Shaun Johnson warned Craig Pryor of Kristofer Erlbacher. Kristofer Erlbacher was located inside the cafe.

“A short time later Caleb Solberg arrived and spoke with Craig Pryor, who was still outside of the establishment. A short physical altercation between Caleb Solberg and Shaun Johnson occurred.

“Once the altercation was complete, Kristofer Erlbacher exited the bar. Kristofer Erlbacher walked to his vehicle parked nearby. Moments later a vehicle being operated by Kristofer Erlbacher exited an alley way and struck the vehicle being occupied by Craig Pryor.

“After being struck, Craig Pryor exited his vehicle to assess damages. It was at this point that Kristofer Erlbacher struck the vehicle of Craig Pryor’s again, this time with greater speed. Craig Pryor was struck by his own vehicle after the impact.

“Kristofer Erlbacher then left the area in his vehicle. Craig Pryor took the opportunity to pull into an alley way to better protect himself. Craig Pryor could audibly hear the engine of Kristofer Erlbacher’s racing around town. He could also audibly hear property damage being caused by Kristofer Erlbacher’s reckless driving. At one point Craig Pryor witnessed Kristofer Erlbacher drive by the alley way with heavy damage to the front of his vehicle.

“Eventually, Craig Pryor left the area in an attempt to return to his residence. As Craig Pryor left the area he noticed Caleb Solberg and Shaun Johnson standing near an SUV that was parked near the entrance to Dave’s Old Home Cafe. After Craig Pryor left the area, Kristofer Erlbacher returned in his vehicle to the front of Dave’s Old Home Cafe.

“It was at this point that Kristofer Erlbacher struck Caleb Soberg with his vehicle multiple times. This caused fatal injuries to Caleb Solberg. Kristofer Erlbacher continued to drive by the body of Caleb Solberg, hindering anyone from providing aid.

“Kristofer Erlbacher then phoned Craig Pryor to advise him that he had killed his brother and asked him to return. Eventually, Kristofer Erlbacher did leave the area in his vehicle. Soon thereafter, Kristofer Erlbacher experienced mechanical issues with his vehicle and it was rendered disabled.

“Kristofer Erlbacher did contact his father, Mark Erlbacher, for assistance. Mark Erlbacher arrived and transported Kristofer Erlbacher back to the scene, where he was taken into custody by Deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.”

Kristofer Erlbacher is held with bond in the Harrison County Jail. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Dec. 23 in Harrison County District Court.

Erlbacher was convicted of assault on persons in certain occupations and interference with officials acts in 2019 in Polk County District Court. He was arrested on a charge of third-offense OWI in June 2020. The case is pending in Shelby County District Court.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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