Worth its weight in gold, Ice Warrior pellets now at Fareway

Dariel McNamara of the Perry Fareway has a warm smile, but melting the ice lingering from last weekend's blizzard in Perry calls for Ice Warrior pellets, available at Fareway.

Last weekend’s rain, snow and blizzard conditions in Perry left a layer of lingering ice on city streets and sidewalks that still call for caution in motorists and pedestrians.

With the ice came a run on ice-melting products, which at present are almost worth their weight in gold. Residents in need of the product can now find Ice Warrior pellets at the Perry Fareway store.

“We were able to get our hands on 100 bags of ice melt this morning,” said the Perry Fareway’s Dariel McNamara Thursdy morning, “and they’re available while supplies last!”


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