Bowman Chapel serves church food to upwards of 300 Sunday

The beautiful Bowman Chapel of the United Methodist Church was the site of a memorable dinner Sunday, when upwards of 300 were fed.

The area west of Perry has a multitude of dinners this time of year, particularly in Guthrie Center. Such was the case last Sunday at noon time, with Bowman Chapel United Methodist Church west of Guthrie Center offering their annual dinner and bazaar, held the last Sunday of each September.

Bowman Chapel sets about one mile south of Iowa Highway 44. You can’t miss it because of the three large crosses that mark the intersection where you turn south on Bowman Road.

As in other rural areas, you run across unusual practices. Interestingly, the members who work at the dinner park their vehicles in Pleasant Hill Cemetery across the gravel road to leave room for the attendees to park near the chapel. One man even drove a tractor to the dinner.

There was a large crowd in attendance. I was number 225, and Dan Haymond was number 226. You are given a card with a number and wait in the sanctuary across the hall from the dinner until your number is called.

There was also a large number of carry-outs. The carry-outs had to be discontinued to ensure that there was enough food for the people eating at the church. Several meals were delivered to shut-ins in the area.

The meal consisted of roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, green beans, several salads, a choice of pies, dinner roll and beverage. An unusual item that was very good was lime pickles.

After the dinner, we checked out the bazaar. I bought peanut brittle and a jar of lime pickles. Dan bought a bag of peppers.


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