Brush fire mistaken for auto accident by passing motorist

Accidents will happen. This Saturday night brush fire alongside U.S. Highway 169 was mistaken by a passing motorist for a vehicular accident and reported to the Perry Police Department.

Ten o’clock on a Saturday night is probably as good a time as any to burn brush, but it can lead passersby to jump to the wrong conclusion.

That is what happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 169 and 130th Street near Bouton Saturday when a passing motorist mistook the fire burning on land belonging to David Greif of Bouton for a vehicle fire.

The fire was started almost directly beneath the U.S. Highway 169 bridge over Bear Creek, leading a caller to the Perry Police Department to report a vehicle had left the roadway and was burning under the bridge.

Officers of the Perry Police Department and volunteers of the Woodward Fire Department responded and determined the nature of the fire.



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