City takes aim at mosquitoes with Thursday sprayings


This is an Aedes albopictus female mosquito obtaining a blood meal from a human host. Source: Purdue University Extension Service

A city-owned pickup truck was seen driving slowly through the Perry neighborhoods Thursday night, pumping out from its bed an insecticide for mosquitoes.

The city of Perry’s annual round of spraying for mosquitoes is a weekly event, recurring every Thursday evening, weather permitting.

If a Thursday evening is rainy, the city crews will spray on Friday or Saturday evening.

Residents of Perry can help control the mosquito population by taking a few simple measures. Since rainy weather leaves pools of standing water, prime breeding habitat for mosquitoes, residents should check their yards after rains and drain any standing water in planters, buckets, water barrels, stopped-up gutters, tires and similar catch basins.

During periods of wet weather, residents should check for standing water at least once a week. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, but it takes seven to 10 days for the eggs to hatch. As long as water doesn’t stand for that long, the unborn mosquitoes can be destroyed and the population somewhat controlled.

Some that cannot be drained. If you know of an area where water consistently collects and does not drain, call the Perry Street Department at 515-465-2675. City crews can treat the standing water with a chemical that will prevent the mosquito larvae from maturing.

There is no way to eliminate mosquitoes entirely. Health experts recommend wearing repellent, particularly in the early morning and in the cool of the evening, when mosquitoes are most active.

For more information, call the Perry City Hall at 515-465-2481.


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