Cunninghams honor Declan with donated trees at Wiese Park in Perry

Honoring Kenneth (Declan) Cunningham with trees donated to Wiese Park were, from left, Theresa Findlay, Eliza Cunningham, Gina Cunningham, Skylar Cunningham and John Findlay.

The Cunningham family of Perry gathered at Wiese Park June 23 to plant trees they donated in honor of Kenneth (Declan) Cunningham, who died Dec. 26, 2014.

The donated trees were planted on the east side of the park near the gazebo.

Declan’s parents, Kenneth Daniel and Gina Cunningham, and his siblings, Skylar and Eliza Cunningham, donated a swamp white oak tree, and Declan’s grandparents, John and Theresa Findlay, donated a horse chestnut tree.

“We look forward to watching the trees grow big and strong in honor of our Declan,” they said.


  1. This family has been amazing. I’m sure Gina wouldn’t mind me sharing this story as it is simply wonderful and so giving. Gina expressed milk for several weeks and donated to Milk Bank of Iowa. The milk Gina and Declan made together provided nourishment to many NICU babies. Obviously not everyone is able to give this gift. Though my heart is heavy for their loss of Declan, they are doing many things to keep his spirit alive. Thank you, Danny, Gina, Skylar and Eliza for the trees you gave to the community. i will be sure to take a bike ride/walk to visit the trees You all are great!!

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