Letter to the editor: Criminal supporters steal yard signs


To the editor:

As a volunteer with Perry Area Democrats, I have been busy the last several weeks distributing yard signs promoting our Democratic candidates.

Unfortunately, I have been extra busy because someone keeps stealing Biden signs.

I think it’s logical to lay the blame on a Trump supporter (or supporters) since it’s typically his opponent’s signs that are taken. It’s ironic that a supporter of the “law and order” candidate keeps committing these criminal acts.

Sadly, it’s not surprising. Since Trump took office, eight of his associates have been found guilty of committing various crimes, and Trump himself blackmailed a foreign country by withholding Congressionally approved aid unless that foreign country helped him by digging up dirt on his political opponent.

Birds of a feather . . .

Monica Peitz


  1. Or it could be just kids doing it. And as far as politicizing it, nice try. How about telling us how those Democrat run cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, etc., are doing. You don’t support dementia Joe. You hate Trump. Just another liberal sheep.

  2. Oh, yes, there’s nothing political about campaign signs. Why is it that Trump and his followers have to lower themselves even further by cheating? You parrot those tired talking points while calling other people sheep. It looks like the desperation is keeping you up at night. Time to order another My Pillow. Act now and get an additional 2% off with the discount code: “Baaaaaa”

    • Maybe your all-knowing moron arse could explain to me how Trump is cheating. You can have all the Trump or Biden signs you want in your yard, but you get one vote. And I guess if you want higher taxes, open borders, free healthcare for illegals, lost jobs in the energy industry, more deals with our enemies like Iran and China, defunding police, more riots in Democrat-run cities and sanctuary cities to protect illegal immigrant criminals, then vote for Biden. You can’t dispute any of that because they are fact. I was a Democrat for over 35 years, but I don’t recognize that party anymore. JFK would puke if he could see what his party has become. The only sheep are uninformed people like you. And if Biden wins, people like you will be the first to complain when this country goes spiraling down the drain.

  3. I’d love to put a Trump sign in my yard, but I have two dogs that I would not want to be poisoned. I’d love to put a Trump sticker on my car, but I do not want it to get vandalized. I’d love to wear a red MAGA hat in public, but we all know what happens when one does. Whoever is stealing those signs needs to be caught and prosecuted, but let us not ignore those who abuse others just for eating in restaurants with Trump shirts on.

  4. Common sense should tell us that stealing yard signs is wrong and, frankly, stupid yet does no real harm. Common sense should also tell us that it’s wrong and, frankly, stupid to support a candidate for president that does not have functional cognitive ability as well as obvious declining physical health. Common sense, reasonableness and critical thinking are replaced by actions motivated by hate and lust for power with disregard of harmful consequences.

  5. Thanks, Rochelle! We are all so very appreciative of you declaring your support solidly behind Joe Biden! We can’t agree with you more that this president’s mental and physical decline, as well as his deep seated hatred of minorities and destructive lust for power at any cost, have become so evident that even his most devoted followers are regretting putting him anywhere near the seat of power. Again, thank you for supporting Biden/Harris in 2020!


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