Letter to the editor: Food insecurities lie at lawmakers’ doors

Shelves at the Perry-Area Food Pantry are nearly bare.

To the editor:

Today I volunteered at the Perry Area Food Pantry. Since July our facility has seen a huge increase in families — both young and old — coming in to use our service.

Many have never used us before, and many others have not been in since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are the “working poor” or are retired from employment due to age or disability.

Some actually work two jobs and need affordable childcare, housing and health care.

All our customers are experiencing food insecurities due to the huge cut in their food benefits that took effect in July and the lack of support from our state lawmakers to increase the minimum wage.

I am not sure how food pantries are supposed to handle the increased need. Perry’s is an all-volunteer organization that relies on community support.

To those reading this letter: please support politicians who are willing to tackle these issues. We need progressive and caring political leaders who listen and work toward eliminating food insecurities.

Most of all, support your local community food pantry.

Lois Hoger


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