Letter to the editor: Forest needs filling for Festival of Trees

The Carnegie Library Museum Festival of Trees draws many visitors both before and after the Lighted Christmas Parade in downtown Perry. Trees are needed as entrants in the 2018 festival.

To the editor:

If you’re weary of the political ads and looking beyond Nov. 6 — start planning your creative entry for the Carnegie Library Museum’s Festival of Trees!

If you like decorating trees or wreaths or making any type of holiday-related flower or table arrangements, please consider yourself invited to participate in the annual Festival of Trees — a popular community event enjoyed by all.

There’s no cost and it’s open to everyone.

Think about what volunteer groups, organizations, clubs, sports teams or churches you belong to. Any or all of these groups could do a wreath or tree at the Carnegie. Where do you work? Is your business participating? What school do you attend? Want to represent your school?

What are your interests or hobbies or passions? Decorate a tree or wreath that represents your interests.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’re welcome as well. Create something that represents the holidays you do celebrate or even something non-holiday related, such as winter, sledding, skating, snowpeople — there are no limits to your entries. You’re not even constrained by winter-related themes. Do a tree to remind us of warm vacation spots and fun in the sun.

Showcase your unique creativity, do a traditional tree with round ornaments or anything in between or beyond.

We love to continually grow this community event so our target goal is 40 participants — please help us reach or surpass that goal.

Be part of the fun! Don’t miss out!

Contact Katie Schott at 515-465-3809 or Laura Stebbins at ljstebbins@outlook.com with questions or to become part of the Carnegie’s Festival of Trees 2018. The deadline to participate is Friday, Nov. 2.

Set up is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov. 13-14. The entries will be on display through Dec. 23. Thank you!

Laura Stebbins, Carnegie Library Museum volunteer


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