Letter to the editor: Homeowner calls for property tax relief

The office of the Dallas County Assessor is located at 121 N. Ninth St. in Adel.

To the editor:

Since 2016, the assessment on my residence has increased by $31,440, which is also an increase of 17.08 percent. After reading a September 2018 assessment increase of $15,810, an increase of 8.46 percent, it was a shock to read a January 18, 2019, notice of an additional assessment increase of $3,880, a further increase of 1.91 percent.

There have been no changes to the house that would increase its value. There have been no sales of existing houses in the area to provide “comps.” To say the least, Granger, Iowa, is not experiencing a rapid demand for housing. Yes, sale prices have increased over the prior two years, but Granger housing is not in a high-status market.

My personal residential situation, with shocking and rapid increases in property taxes, has to serve as an example for why the members of the Iowa Legislature must take proactive and sustainable action to develop a meaningful policy for residential property tax relief.

My household budget cannot tolerate any more tax increases, and I doubt whether the additional Dallas County local option sales tax will provide noticeable if any reduction in the property taxes on my residence.

Linda Larson


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