Letter to the editor: Iowa GOP ‘frightened’ by Libertarian Party


To the editor:

Before the Libertarian party of Iowa (LPIA) even filed major party status paperwork, GOP State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann put forward a bill to remove the voluntary Iowa Campaign Fund.

If this checkoff is eliminated next session, the GOP negates their fundraising deficit with the Democrats and cuts the LPIA off at our knees, just as we achieve our hard-earned major-party status. In other words, they undercut two of their rivals in one stroke.

Next session, Bobby Kaufmann and the GOP establishment will continue to undercut LPIA candidate training, fundraising and organization. This effort would protect the GOP majority, many of whose seats are narrowly held and which Libertarian candidates can now threaten.

Republican Party of Iowa operatives recently infiltrated a Libertarian Special Convention and attempted to block ballot access to a qualified State House candidate. It is evident that the GOP state majority is frightened by our growing party.

And what has the GOP done with their majority? Attempt to put those guilty of civil disobedience in prison for five years? Micromanage Iowa Hawkeye football schedules? Hand off medical marijuana expansion to Clel Baudler, known for an ethics complaint for fraudulently obtaining a medical marijuana card in an attempt to discredit medical marijuana?

How are these actions of a party that promotes limited government?

It is clear that the Libertarian Party of Iowa and liberty itself is under assault by the Iowa GOP.

Your financial support is not just needed but necessary to provide a true limited-government option in Libertarian candidates, training and messaging. Thank you for your generosity in the fight for liberty.

James Schneider, LPIA State Central Committee Chairman
Cedar Falls


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