Letter to the editor: Leaving Boone County after Hollingshead “mock”

Greene County CAFO owner Eric Chrystal, doing business as Greene County Pigs LLC, wants to swap composting hog carcasses for a line of trees at his confinement on County Road E-57 just one-half mile west of Iowa Highway 4 in Franklin Township.

To the editor:

This is my one-year follow-up to the story in ThePerryNews.com about the approval of an expanded CAFO near Ogden. We have elected to move out of Boone County.

It’s been a sad process, considering that we are leaving a community we really liked and considering the time, money and effort we put into restoring and improving a 1930’s farmhouse.

In the end, the slap in the face from the “governing body” of Boone County made it seem like a reasonable sacrifice. We are going to land where we are protected from someone deciding to put an unregulated factory next door.

I am still going to urge voters to get Chet Hollingshead off the Boone County Board of Supervisors. It’s one thing to disagree with a constituent but, as an elected official, it’s really not right to publicly mock the genuine concerns of a citizen. There aren’t that many people in this county, and I’m certainly not a nut.

I did NOT appreciate being treated that way, and there is no one in this county who deserves that level of disregard from a public servant. Ever. At least the others on the board had some semblance of respect, so I will credit them for that, despite their last-minute approval and lack of proper review.

I’m sure it is very taxing to be a public official, but being able to control oneself from being an outright jerk should be a given.

Sally Black

P.S. The pile of dead hogs (yes, I realize it happens) and the panicked squealing I have endured for several years have convinced me to spend the extra money on meat that hopefully wasn’t unhappy while it was alive. If I think the putrid stink and flies are awful, I can’t imagine how much worse it is for those animals. I’ve been to plenty of local, family-run farms where these things are well controlled. Kudos to the farmers who make life happy for our meat. I will never bash real farmers. The are the ones who have values, and they care a lot about their animals and their reputation. This pyramid scheme from the giant companies will end up killing our genuine, quality, family-run farms. I think the damage they do should be seriously considered when people let JBS, Cargill and their ilk come in and capitalize on the land and loose laws. Think about paying more so you don’t literally eat misery with a fork.


  1. Chet Hollingshead is a convicted thief. Hollingshead was arrested by the Dayton Police Department in August 2013 and charged with third-degree theft, an aggravated misdemeanor. He was convicted on a charge of fourth-degree theft Oct. 1, 2013, in Webster County. You can read about it: http://bit.ly/23YSbsu

    Ed Jeffress, Madrid, Boone County resident who’s changing party affiliation to vote against the pig in this upcoming primary

  2. Ms. Black, Dallas County would be more than happy to count you and your family among our residents. A lady who has moxie like you do would be highly welcome here. Might I personally suggest your residing somewhere in the Dawson area?

    • Your comment made me smile. Thank you! Don’t you worry, because I’ll be in the Dawson area plenty since it it such a lovely place and I like the park there.


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