Letter to the editor: Let’s Keep Iowa Moving (KIM), reader says


To the editor:

Iowa was ranked the number one state in the country by U.S. News and World Report. With 2.5 percent unemployment, the second-lowest in the country, Iowa’s job creation has provided more opportunities in advanced manufacturing, welding, computer science, finance, healthcare and many high-value service jobs, most of which do not require a college degree.

Under Gov. Reynolds’ bipartisan Future Ready Iowa Act, which passed unanimously, education for these jobs will be available to learn the necessary skills, allowing employers to hire the best employees and expand those businesses. The need for trade skills is now being addressed.

With a balanced budget and surplus of $127 million, our economic stability will further move us ahead.

Gov. Reynolds is working to have high-speed broadband internet statewide, not only for residential, business and schools. Our farmers also need it to ensure maximum crop management, efficiency and productivity.

Looking at Fred Hubble’s ideas, he seems to think he can tax Iowa into prosperity. History shows it just doesn’t work that way. I prefer to keep more of my hard-earned money to spend or invest as I see fit, not squandered by ambitious politicians with little fiscal restraint or imposing job-killing regulations.

You don’t move ahead punishing achievement. We can’t afford to go back to our anemic past. Keep Iowa moving. Elect Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg.

Tom Mazza


  1. Yes, Kim and the Republicans want to keep Iowa moving, that is, moving to the extreme right. Kim and the Republicans, who take their orders from Drew Klein, won’t be happy until everyone on Medicaid is dead, until every woman who has an abortion or even a miscarriage is put to death as a murderer, until there are no public schools, until only kids of wealthy families can afford college, until there are no unions, until there are no social welfare programs and until Iowa and the country are governed by people the President admires, such as Kin Jung Un or Vladimir Putin.

  2. Taxation into a prosperity works quite well with Western Europe. Those people pay far more in taxes than we do but have better education, better health care and have much more to show in terms of wealth than we do, too. Of course, they don’t throw half their budgets down the rat hole of military spending. They have progressive taxes on the wealthy, and the heads of their banks and corporations make only about 15 times the salary of an entry-level worker whereas the same positions garner upwards of 150 times more than entry level here. Yes, unemployment is low, but that doesn’t account for the underemployed who work two jobs or more to make ends meet and those usually without benefits. And another thing, let the big land-baron farmers pay for their own broadband internet. Most farmers have huge holdings and are some of the wealthiest people in the state. Why the heck should we give them a break?


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