Letter to the editor: Proud parent supports proud Perry High

The aged and overcrowded Industrial Technology Department at PHS has not been improved since 1965.

To the editor:

I am a proud parent of a former student of the Perry Community School District.

On Feb. 5 the school district will hold a referendum. The referendum will ask voters to approve an approximately $6.5 million bond to improve the high school facility.

There are two main parts the money will fund in the school: an expanded industrial technology area and a multipurpose/wrestling area.

It is common knowledge that more workers are needed in the trades area. Carpenters, sheet metal workers, welders, plumbers, electricians — good-paying jobs that are going begging all over the country because there are not enough people entering the trades.

By enlarging our industrial tech area, the high school can offer more courses that will better prepare Perry students for the world of work or prepare them for a technical college.

I am voting Yes on Feb. 5 to prepare our students for their future!

Dwayne Morman


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