Letter to the editor: Reader likes Airhart, Chapman


To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart and Dallas County Supervisor Kim Chapman. Both are exceptional public servants and better individuals. They served the public well over their careers of public service.

During Chad Airhart’s time in office, he has modernized the office to make it the gold standard for a recorder’s office in Iowa. He has never used a penny of tax dollars to run his office and has returned $2.5 million dollars back to the Dallas County general fund. This most certainly has helped reduce taxes in Dallas County over his tenure.

Supervisor Kim Chapman has helped to oversee one of the fastest growing counties in America and has kept the county levy rate one of the lowest in the state of Iowa. He has served Dallas County with integrity and honesty during his tenure as Dallas County Supervisor.

This is the kind of leadership we deserve from our leaders and elected officials in Dallas County. I am casting my vote for the common-sense leadership of Airhart and Chapman and would encourage residents of Dallas County to do the same.

Tyler De Haan


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