Letter to the editor: Reader most values orderliness


To the editor:

President Biden’s extending an invitation to the two disruptive Tennessee legislators to visit the White House is disgraceful and an insult to state legislators who abide by the rules of their respective state houses.

The president’s ill-thought-out invitation sends the wrong message to our youth and those who might attempt the same unorthodox tactics.

The two legislators in question clearly broke the rules, and their disorderly conduct was inciting and could have provoked demonstrators to riot, resulting in the injury of other legislators and capital workers.

I would ask the president whether he condoned such actions when serving in the U.S. Senate.

I challenge him and others who condone such disorderly conduct to allow these two unruly legislators to use the same chaotic approach on the floor of our U.S. Congress.

One should have no doubt that they would be quickly expelled and denied reentry.

Matt Drozd, Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Force (ret)


  1. Now, let it not be said theperrynews.com will not publish a letter from the conservative perspective.

    The editor reserves the right to correct errors of spelling and grammar. The editor has the right to ask permission to delete sections and statements that are patently libelous or not to publish at all if the letter’s content reeks of libel and factual inaccuracies. Indeed, no media outlet in this country is obligated to publish any outside submissions whatsoever. That the outlets have the right not to publish is actually their right of free speech being exercised. That outside submissions are published is an act of social courtesy, such act being conducive to the wellbeing of the people and of democracy.

    At this moment in time, I choose not to respond to this particular letter. It’s not that I haven’t anything critical to say of this letter. Indeed, I disagree with it wholeheartedly. My reason is that I don’t want it said that I want to shut down all opposing viewpoints. Far from it. Doubtless, I will respond to letters if I so choose, but I’d rather demonstrate an attitude allowing fair play at this time.

    I encourage others to submit letters here. Still, the editor has the right of self-protection by not allowing libel by anyone. Also, the editor has the right not to publish submissions from people who demonstrate an obvious inability to compose a complete sentence.


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