Letter to the editor: Reader recommends jail-or-military choice

Hot LZ: A U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division soldiers leaps to the ground from a helicopter prevented from landing by debris of trees shattered by blistering artillery bombardment and air strikes near Pleiku, Vietnam on April 29, 1966 during the Vietnam War. AP Photo

To the editor:

Mr. Eakins, we are of the same generation.

I remember when a young man would get in trouble with the law and the judge would give him a choice. That choice was either go to jail/prison or enter the military.

I have known many who choose the military and never regretted that choice. That choice broke the cycle that we now seem to have: Break the law and get your “hand slapped” and then repeat.

There are also many useful skills to be learned in the military that carry over to civilian life. Many of these skills have nothing to do with shooting a weapon.

I have always said that if I ever needed to be Life-Flighted, I hope my pilot has flown into a hot LZ before. Then look at the Perry National Guard unit, transportation.

My sister and my aunt were both RNs in the military. My sister’s husband was a medic in two different branches of the military.

Lee Pape


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