Letter to the editor: Reader thanks, blesses Dallas County Hospital


To the editor:

The other day I was rushed to the Dallas County Hospital be cause of an attack of atrial fibrillation. I was so pleased with the treatment that I received.

Dr. David Haunte and the nurses there were great. The paramedics were great as well and very professional. Dr. Haunte and the Nurses were so concerned and kept me informed up until the time I was transferred to the VA hospital, where the workers also were all very professional.

I have had other very positive times that I have gone to DCH in other departments as well, such as the physical therapy department, which has been the best and has done a marvelous job.

We in Perry are very fortunate to have a hospital-clinic of this caliber in our town. I hope you all, if you need it, will utilize the facility and get the same great results I have. They are all very professional and always seem like they are cheerful and happy to see you.

God bless DCH and all the staff and employees there.

Pat Dittert


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