Letter to the editor: Reader thanks Kamdyn for giving all


To the editor:

I read with sadness and shock the news of Kamdyn’s sudden passing at such a young age. Children should all grow up to adulthood, and parents should never have to say a final goodbye to a child.

As organ donor awareness has become a large part of our life, reading about Kamdyn’s ultimate Gift of his organs and tissue to save the lives of four recipients in dire need and to help so many others brought an emotional moment of grief and joy to all of us.

What a loving and selfless decision by his parents to let him live on in so many people who have new lives because of Kamdyn, Krystal and William!

The waiting lists for organs hold so many. The selfless decision by organ donors and their families gives everyone on a waiting list Hope. For our family whose hopes were fulfilled, we will never forget Kamdyn and his Gifts of Life.

Don Richardson



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