Letter to the editor: Republican millennials like Adam Gregg

Adam Gregg was appointed Iowa's acting lieutenant governor Thursday.

To the editor:

Gov. Reynolds followed through on her commitment to choose as her lieutenant governor a forward-thinking leader with the experience and energy to serve her in this important position. Adam Gregg embodies the model Iowan. He is a tireless worker, family man, and has the energy and intelligence to get the job done.

As lieutenant governor, Kim Reynolds revolutionized the office, increasing the stature and importance of the responsibilities historically designated to the position, including leadership of the STEM initiative, the Iowa Energy Plan, the Future Ready Iowa program, spearheading efforts on behalf of the Iowa Economic Development Authority and leading multiple trade missions to break down barriers for Iowa’s products.

Gregg is well positioned to continue these responsibilities. Gregg has received wide bipartisan praise for his work streamlining Iowans’ constitutional right to counsel. Gregg created a new division within the Office of the State Public Defender to investigate potential wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system.

At the same time, the average processing times declined from 44.8 days to 9.7 days, a 78 percent improvement. Gregg supported drug courts, mental health courts and veterans courts throughout the state. These innovative specialty courts focus on treatment and recovery rather than punishment and imprisonment.

As a fellow millennial and Iowan, Adam Gregg is the type of person we want to represent our generation and state. With his hard work, experience and intelligence, he is a great pick to help Gov. Reynolds continue building a better Iowa.

Tyler De Haan


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