Letter to the editor: Ring lost 30 years ago still held for true owner

This is not a picture of the wedding band described in this letter to the editor.

To the editor:

I am attempting to find the owner of a man’s wedding band that was lost inside or outside the Fareway store in Perry quite a few years ago.

My mother lived in Woodward and then Madrid from the late 1970s until 1991. She worked in Woodward, but her doctor and dentist were located in Perry, so she shopped in Perry often.

Mom moved to Missouri in 1991. She thinks it was shortly before she moved that she found a man’s wedding band inside or maybe outside the Fareway grocery store. She mentioned finding the ring back then and the desire to see it returned, but forgot about it during the course of moving.

My mom is now 97 years old. I came across the ring and an undated note rolled up and stuck in the ring while helping her organize her things. The note says: “Found at Fareway store in Perry.”

Mom said she had forgotten all about it and doesn’t remember whether she found the ring inside or outside the store. She asked me whether I would try to find the owner.

I now live in Colorado, so this will be a long distance attempt Plus, more than 25 years have faded into history since she moved, so this may be an act of futility. Then again, who knows?

If the owner has passed away, there is always the possibility his spouse or children would treasure the ring’s return for sentimental reasons.

The ring is not a plain band, so I believe the owner or his spouse will be able to describe it. Whether the owner’s children, if he had any, could describe the ring is not so certain.

Since there is no concrete date to work with, searching old lost-and-found notices would be quite a task. Most people who lose a ring have no sure idea where the loss occurred, but they usually know when they lost it, and once in a while they know most likely where.

My guess is the owner of the ring was either an employee or a customer of Fareway in Perry, but there is always the possibility someone who was visiting or passing through suffered the loss.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. It would be fantastic to see the ring returned after so many years have passed.

The author of this letter has requested anonymity. The author said the lost ring has a style name or maker’s name inside it, and the outside of the band has distinctive decoration that could be described by its true owner. If you have any information about the mystery of this long lost wedding band, kindly contact ThePerryNews.com by using the contact form on this page or by email at theperrynews@gmail.com.


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