Letter to the editor: Thanks, blessings from Cattery queen

Dorothea Peterson, longtime Humane Society of Perry volunteer, is grateful for the community's steadfast support of the Cattery and the Perry Animal Holding Facility.

To the editor:

I am wishing a fond farewell and giving a big thank you to the citizens of Perry. Thank you for the support given to your Humane Society of Perry! It was deeply appreciated, no matter how large or small your contribution.

An example of selfless giving: It was not unusual to find bags of cat food hanging from the door knob of the Cattery, given anonymously and with no thought of a thank you expected. That was the pattern with many of our donors: gifts given, many times anonymously, expecting no thanks or recognition.

So many of you helped in so many ways. Many times, on short notice, you stepped up to help. You have helped by fostering animals in need of a temporary shelter and by opening your heart and homes for socializing or temporary care.

You transported animals for vet appointments or shelter transfers. Sometimes you drove across the state to transport food or supplies back for our use. You came to animal clinics and fundraisers. You volunteered to take photos of animals up for adoption for online purposes and helped with advertising.

Volunteers took on the daily care of animals at the Cattery and shelter. A special shout out to the young people who, with their high school sponsors, formed their own support group and have faithfully come weekly — even in the summer — to tend to daily chores.

These young people have supported and participated in many special events over the years, walking in parades, manning adoptive events, helping at clinics. Thanks, Jami and crew. Thank you all!

And more thoughts and thanks for the unsung heroes of our city: the police personnel who never knew what they would encounter when answering the pick-up call for a stray or injured animal. The men of the Perry Public Works Department who lent a helping hand — and shovel — at times when needed.

It was always comforting to know the people of Perry had our backs. Time after time, with no thought of reimbursement or thanks, you have given of your time, your money and especially your prayers.

Officers have served throughout the years and provided necessary leadership. Through our combined efforts, hundreds and hundreds of animals have been saved, healed and helped to find their forever homes.

May God bless you all!

Dorothea Peterson


  1. May God bless you, Dorothea! We adopted one of your last three cats. You named him “Midnight,” but he told us his name is “Squeak!” He’s just a wonderful cat. He’s thriving, mischievous and so smart! Just a joy to know and we love him to bits. Thank you so very, very much!


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