Letter to the editor: Trump aims to win with culture-war issues

Associated Press photo by Alex Brandon

To the editor:

It is my belief that the reason why Donald Trump focuses so much on the lifestyle, social, identity-politics and culture-wars issues while focusing much less on the economic, financial, bread-and-butter and kitchen-table issues, which I focus on, is because research clearly shows that when the Democrats focus on “my” issues, they win almost every national election every two years, and when they focus on “his” issues, they lose almost every national election every two years.

He knows exactly what he is doing and why.

Stewart B. Epstein
Rochester, New York


  1. I’m sorry but has everyone forgotten 2016? The MSM were sure their polling showed a blowout for Hillary, and she was so sure she was going to win she barely was on the campaign trail. Sound familiar? Big Democrat cities are rioting, and that won’t affect the race? Democrats want to defund the police departments greatly (if not completely) in these same cities (let’s not pretend they don’t; enough high-profile Democrats are calling for exactly that), but that won’t affect the race? Democrat city’s deaths by gunfire are exponentially increasing weekend to weekend, but that won’t affect the race? Please, Democrats, pay attention to phone polls of self-described registered voters with a huge over-sample of Democrat voters. Unlike 2016, these polls are completely reliable. Ignore those face-to-face polls of likely (they were confirmed to have voted in the previous election) verified registered voters. These polls also do not over-sample Democrats. Those are known as the “Gold Standard” of polling, but they are never friendly to Democrats, so you will need to ignore those. Please, Democrats, remember that unlike 2016, Hillary’s strategy of not campaigning in swing states will work this year because every member of the press says it will.


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