Letter to the editor: Vote Varley and reject extremism

Warren Varley of Stuart, an Adair County farmer and attorney, is the Democrat candidate for Iowa Senate District 10 seat, which includes Perry.

To the editor:

I have been a resident of Dallas County for the last nine years. In that time, I have grown weary of Sen. Jake Chapman’s extreme agenda. I do not believe he is representing all of his constituents.

Chapman is certainly not representing me.

I am voting for Warren Varley this year. Mr. Varley thinks public money should be spent to fund PUBLIC schools, not private schools or home schools (some of which have no oversight).

He believes Iowa women are fully capable of making decisions about their own reproductive health care.

He is supportive of Iowans who like to hunt and target shoot.

He respects scientific facts and realizes that COVID-19 has impacted all Iowans.

Varley understands the need for quality health care for all.

He has a vested interest in farming, and understands the needs of small businesses.

Transparency is important to Varley, and he will meet with his constituents during the legislative session to answer their questions and keep them abreast of issues being debated at the capitol.

Warren Varley’s vast experiences will shape his voting record. He is a common-sense Iowan who understands the importance of listening to those he represents and voting in the best interests of his constituents.

He will vote thoughtfully, not simply “toe the party line.”

I hope you will join me in supporting Warren Varley for Iowa Senate District 10.

Jean Swenson



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