Notorious gangster Buck Barrow died in Perry 84 years ago today

Buck Barrow of the Bonnie and Clyde gang died July 29, 1933, in Perry from a bullet wound to the head. He was 30.

Buck Barrow, briefly a member of the murderous Bonnie and Clyde gang, died July 29, 1933, in Perry, four months after joining the gang and 10 days after the bloody Platte City, Mo., raid that left him with a gaping bullet wound to the forehead, exposing his brain pan.

In spite of this serious wound, the Barrow gang, including Buck Barrow, 30, his wife, Blanche Barrow, 22, his younger brother, Clyde Barrow, 24, Clyde’s beloved, Bonnie Parker, 23, and W. D. Jones, 17, somehow made it to the Dexfield Park near Dexter by July 24.

An ambush awaited the outlaws, and Buck Barrow’s medical issues were compounded by a bullet in the back suffered during the Dexfield Park shootout. He and Blanche Barrow were captured by law enforcement, and Barrow lingered for five days in King’s Daughters Hospital in Perry before dying of his wounds.

Buck was born Marvin Ivan Barrow March 14, 1903, in Marion County, Texas, and died July 29, 1933, in Perry, Iowa.

Blanche Barrow was captured in the Dexfield Park raid July 24, 1933. She was 22.


  1. My grandpa, Everett Farley, was on the Perry Police Department at the time and was in charge of guarding his room.


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