Part III: Doug and Dan’s epic Branson adventure concludes

The Texas Tenors posed with me for a picture after the 2 p.m. show during our epic Branson adventure in May.

The next day we took advantage of the half-price breakfast buffet at Grand Country. It was great.

We then got tickets for Down Home Country, which was at 10 a.m. at the Grand Country Music Hall. We saved $10 each because of the previous ticket stub. It again was a country, pop and comedy show, much like Comedy Jamboree. It had some of the same musicians. They also had a later show called Grand Jubilee which was probably much the same as the other two shows.

This show was full of bus-tour people. I was surprised to see a comedian that I was familiar with. His name is Jarett Dougherty, and he was with Pierce Arrow for many years. He was the announcer at this show and portrayed a lot of humorous characters during the show.

I first saw him years ago on a video that Kathy Fox brought back from Branson, and he portrayed a character called Brother Cecil Watkins, which was hilarious. You can see him on Youtube.

I saw him do a lot of characters at Pierce Arrow three years ago and now here. I also saw him portray a restaurant inspector on Larry’s Country Diner on RFD TV. I got my picture taken with him after the show. I wanted to get one taken during intermission, but Dan disappeared. The lady singer at this show was starting to lose her voice, which caused her some trouble at the end of the show.

At noon we ate at the Branson Cafe. I had the meatloaf dinner. This place amazed me. The restaurant was packed and very small. Yet they served people very quickly and got them out. No one ever had to wait for a seat. It was the most efficiently run restaurant I have ever seen.

At 2 p.m. we went to see the Texas Tenors at the Starlite Theatre. They had won America’s Got Talent six years ago. They are three men who sing many types of music, including opera. They were very good and encouraged you to take pictures.

During the show, Pegasus Coordinator Keith Knoll called me. I thought that it was his sister, Annette. At intermission I called Annette and then Keith. He wanted to know about moving items from one drive to another. It worked out. Two days after he moved my stuff, the drive that he wanted failed.

After the show, you could meet the Texas Tenors. I bought a picture of them to have signed. I also had my picture taken with them and bought the $20 picture of them and me, three handsome men and then me. What a contrast. Dan had his picture taken too and bought the professional one and had it signed.

At 5:30 p.m. we headed to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. Dan was excited about this show. This was a show with horses, buffaloes, wagons and had a western theme. You could see the horses before the show. There was a warm-up act with a man who juggled, balanced large items on his chin and balanced plates on rods. He is the son of Erich Brenn, who used to be on the Ed Sullivan show and performed a similar act. Erich Brenn is now 98 years old.

During the show, different food items were served. You had to eat everything with your hands. There was a small, whole chicken served, along with pork loin, cheese biscuit, apple fritter and a beverage. Messy but good. I had trouble getting the chicken apart.

There was a baby girl who sat next to me. She would tap me and then laugh when I looked over. They say that kids and animals are good judges of character.

At 8 p.m. that night, we went to see Presley’s Country Jubilee. This was again a show with country and pop music and also two comedians, Herkimer and Cecil. There was also little Cecil. He was dressed up like Big Cecil. The comedian who played the character of Cecil amazed me when he came out and walked off of the stage, falling onto the hard floor four feet below. How he does that without hurting himself was nearly as amazing as the illusionist.

This show has been on the strip since 1967. Every Saturday night, they are on RFD TV. Most of the performers are all related. They had no discount except for the coupon that came in the packet from the hotel for $3. One of the men ticket sellers was from Osceola, Iowa, and one of the women ushers was from Churdan, Iowa.

I wanted a picture with Herkimer and Cecil at intermission but Dan again had disappeared.

The next day we were going to try the advertised breakfast buffet at Great American Steak and Chicken, but they were closed. We went to Grand Country Buffet again.

Then we headed to Kansas City, which is where this story ends. We saw the Negro League Baseball Museum and the Jazz Museum and then a terrible movie called “Keanu.” Maybe Colton Morman can do a review of this film. Then we drove onward to Fort Osage and Watkins Woolen Mill. These stories will follow later.

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