Perry Area Winter Swimmers sending large slate to state

PAWS (Perry Area Winter Swimmers) will be looking to leave their prints on the score sheets at their state meet in Grinnell Saturday. Competing for Perry will be, front row, from left: Owen Royer, Maddie McDevitt, Aleah Karolus, Kaylee Wuebker, Sophia McDevitt and Quinn Mahler-Moreno. Second row, from left: Sarah Vaughn, Dannah Karolus, Abby Herman, Brady Herman, Emily Dowd, Zoe Hibbert, Lilly Riley, Garrett Winey and coach Haley Vaughn. Top row, from left: Amanda Holwegner, Shekynah Haworth, Riese Archer, Andrew Dowd, Ethan Winey, Drew Storey and Caleb Winey. Not pictured are Cristopher Gonzalez, Hailey Greiner, Jaylene Karolus, Avery Miner and Ian Thompson.

Saturday’s Greater Iowa Swim League State meet will be held in Grinnell and Perry will be sending a large and talented team to the event.

A total of 17 girls and 10 boys will compete for Perry, ranging in age categories from 8 and under through 17.

Competing in the 50 freestyle will be Lilly Riley (9-10), Garrett Winey (9-10), Cristopher Gonzalez and Ian Thompson (11-12), Abby Herman and Amanda Holwegner (13-14), Andrew Dowd (13-14) and Ethan Winey and Drew Storey (boys open).

The 100 Individual Medley will feature Sophia McDevitt and Quinn Mahler-Moreno (9-10), Jaylene Karolus (11-12), Sarah Vaughn (13-14), Andrew Dowd (13-14), Haley Vaughn (girls open) and Caleb Winey (boys open).

Avery Miner (13-14) will swim in the 200 free, with Maddie McDevitt and Aleah Karolus (8U) swimming in the 50 backstroke while Sophia McDevitt (9-10), Jaylene Karolus (11-12) and Riese Archer (13-14) will battle for honors in the 100 backstroke.

The 50 butterfly will be contested by Dannah Karolus (13-14), Riese Archer (13-14), Haley Vaughn (open) and Drew Storey (open) with Quinn Mahler-Moreno (9-10) and Caleb Winey (open) swimming in the 100 breaststroke.

Maddie McDevitt and Aleah Karolus (8U) are in the 25 back, with Jaylene Karolus (11-12), Dannah Karolus, Abby Herman and Avery Miner (13-14), Riese Archer (13-14) and Ethan Winey (open) all in the pool for the 50 back.

The 25-meter butterfly will see Maddie McDevitt (8U) competing, with the 50 fly contested by Lilly Riley and Emily Dowd (9-10), and Garrett Winey (9-10) while Haley Vaughn (open) races in the 100 fly.

A total of 11 PAWS racers will dive in for the 100 free: Sophia McDevitt and Lilly Riley (9-10), Garrett Winey (9-10), Cristopher Gonzalez (11-12), amanda Holwegner, Avery Miner, Abby Herman and Dannah Karolus (all 13-14), Sarah Vaughn (open) and Ethan Winey and Drew Storey (both open).

Owen Royer (8U) will participate in the 25 breaststroke, with Quinn Mahler-Moreno (9-10), Amanda Holwegner (13-14), Andrew Dowd (13-14) and Caleb Winey (open) in the 50 breast while Sarah Vaughn (open) tackles the 500 free.

Girls swimming in the 9-10 200 medley relay will be the foursome of Lilly Riley, Quinn Mahler-Moreno, Sophia McDevitt and Emily Dowd, with Aleah Karolus, Maddie McDevitt, Kaylee Wuebker and Zoer Hibbert also in the race. The 13-14 quartets of Dannah Karolus, Amanda Holwegner, Sarah Vaughn and Abby Herman, and the pairing of Jaylene Karolus, Avery Miner, Hailey Greiner and Shekynah Haworth are both slated to race.

Cristopher Gonzalez, Brady Herman, Garrett Winey and Ian Thompson will swim in the boys 11-12 200 medley relay, with the open division being contested by Riese Archer, Caleb Winey, Drew Storey and Ethan Winey.

As in the 200 medley relay, the 200 free relay will see two girls teams entered at 9-10 and 13-14, with all pairings remaining unchanged. The boys will swim the same quartets as well, both at 11-2 and in the open.


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