Perry Police warn local businesses of bogus US Bank checks

A bogus check drawn on a fake US Bank account was passed in Glidden.

A business in Glidden received a bogus check from an individual with the address 1320 Otley Ave., Perry, sources in the Perry Police Department announced Thursday.

The bad check was drawn on US BANK, with routing number 073000545 and account number 196476908139. This bank, routing and account number are all bogus, police said.

Perry Police Department Officer Wayne Schuttler has asked to notify local businesses and the general public of the bad check in the event someone tries to pass bad paper in Perry.

For more information or to report a crime, call Officer Schuttler at 515-465-4636.


  1. The address of 1320 Otley is bogus as well. There are no structures on the North side of the 1300 block other than the Fareway store.


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