Service line repair to cause brief water outage Thursday afternoon


The Perry Water Department has announced repairs will be made today, Thursday, Aug. 9, to a water main on Fifth Street between Warford and Pattee streets.

Perry Water Department customers should be aware there may be low to no water pressure in this service area while repairs are carried out, beginning about 1 p.m.

Customers are advised to fill and store extra water in pitchers or jugs that may be needed for drinking and cooking later today and possibly tomorrow.

Matt Holmes, water operator foreman with the Perry Water Department, said a service line is being replaced. If things go as planned, he said, service in the neighborhood should be restored by about 2 p.m.

“We’ll shut it down for maybe a half-hour or hour at the most and take a valve out of there and put a new valve in,” Holmes said. “Because this was planned out in advance and it’s not a leak, we’re able to keep things pretty well controlled.”

He said a boil order would only become necessary “if something goes awry, the valves don’t shut down completely. As long as we have a hole completely ready to go, where they can keep everything dewatered, we’ll know that no water was able to get back into the main, and no bacteria can get back in there. There’ll still be testing afterward to make sure everything is safe but as of now, there’s no boil order that’s going to be issued.”

“Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding,” Holmes said.

For more information, call the Perry Water Department at 515-465-2562.


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