Adel restaurant offers charity fundraiser for Saturday fire victims

A fundraiser will be held Monday and Tuesday for an Adel family whose home was damaged in a fire Saturday night.

Jody and Chastity Davis and their young daughter escaped unharmed from a fire in the Adel home Saturday night.
Al Laudencia

In a gesture of community solidarity and Christian charity, an Adel restaurant has announced it will give 10 percent of its sales on Monday and Tuesday of this week to an Adel family who lost their home in a fire Saturday night.

No one was injured in the 8 p.m. fire at 1901 Strauss Ave., the home of Jody and Chastity Davis and their daughter, but the young family did not escape without a fright.

Now Al Laudencia, owner of Big Al’s BBQ in Adel, has proposed a fundraiser in order to “thank the lord for their safety and health.”

“I can’t express into words on how awesome of a God we have and how he works in mysterious and sometimes hard-to-understand situations,” Laudencia said Sunday on Facebook, where he announced his plan, “but it is always in his time and in his will, and it is not for us to understand but to trust and obey.”

To show his support for his friends, Laudenica said that “Big Al’s BBQ in Adel will gift the Davis family 10 percent of all sales to help them with whatever the family needs in the loss of the fire. We will also have an extra offering pitcher should you wish to donate more.”

Laudencia said he was also grateful for his own blessings, and the 10-percent donation to the Davises is also a way for him “to thank the lord for blessing me, my family and my business and because our business has been so blessed in the community of Adel in immeasurable ways, my family, business family and I wish to pay it forward.”

Citing the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the Gospel of Mark, Laudencia said, “The more you eat and drink, the more we give, and we want to give a whole bunch.”

Big Al’s BBQ is located at 715 Main St. in Adel and is open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.


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